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Day 5

Koala Conservatory and Local Winery

After having a leisurely breakfast on Phillip Island, we drove to the Koala Conservation Centre. We were able to see koalas in the trees after walking on their boardwalk. There were also a lot of beautiful birds at the park.
Check out the koala in the tree

Koala in the tree

On our way back to Melbourne, we stopped at a local winery off of a dirt road. We first had to pass through a herd of cattle on the way. The wine was actually really good. It was a beautiful and isolated spot.

At the Winery

Inside the winery

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Day 4

Phillip Island, Rough Seas, and Penguins

Today Alan and I rented a car to drive to Phillip Island, home of the little penguins. After finding a place to stay, we went to the end of the island to the Nobbies.
Driving along the coast to the Nobbies

From this point you can see a few little islands and very violent seas. The wind was incredibly strong. After walking around the visitor’s center, we went to the parade of the penguins.

The Nobbies and the rough seas

At dusk, the penguins come out the water in packs and waddle to their homes. They truly are little penguins at 14 inches high and 2 pounds. They make these loud screaming and cooing sounds as they make it to their homes. I have decided I need to take a penguin, koala bear, and kangaroo home with me. They were all so adorable. Tomorrow we head back to Melbourne for one more day and then leave for the Great Barrier Reef on Wednesday.

Sunny and Sierra want a Penguin sister

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Day 3

Great Ocean Road, Kangaroos, Koalas, and Rainforest

This morning we drove the Great Ocean Road which goes along the beautiful coastline. We stopped at Bell's Beach (famous surfing beach).

We saw some kangaroos in the fields around Bell's Beach but were able to get closer at a local golf course.
Kangaroos on the golf course

Next we found Koala Bears in trees. They were so cute!
Koala Bear in a Tree

After our animal adventures, we did a little hike to overlook the ocean and ocean road.
Overlooking the Coast

Our last stop on the Ocean Road was the Maite Rainforest. It was so lush and beautiful.
Walkway through the rainforest

Standing in a rainforest tree

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Day 2

Downtown Melbourne and Australian Rules Football Game

Today we toured Melbourne and went to the top of the Eureka Tower, the tallest building in Melbourne. It had beautiful views of the city.
Eureka Tower

Overlooking the City of Melbourne

Next we walked around the city and went to the art museum. Here we are along the Yarra River downtown.
Yarra River in Melbourne

Tonight we went to an Australia Rules Football game. It is a combination of soccer and rugby but more physical. It was a lot of fun.
Australian Rules Football Game

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Day 1

Arrival in Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Market and Dinner

We finally made it to Melbourne after 21 hours on the plane from LA. The plane we had was not able to make it all the way to Melbourne so we stopped in Sydney to refuel. So, it added about 4 more hours to our flight. Actually, the flight wasn’t too bad but was long (thanks to some Ambien). Once we got to Melbourne, Mark picked us up and we went to the beach down the street from their house.
Melbourne Beach

We also spent time at the South Melbourne Market where Alan was in love with all the fresh fish and produce.
Melbourne Market

Tonight we went to a great Thai restaurant with Mark and Megan and their British friends Michael and Jill.
Out to Dinner in Melbourne

We made it out until 11pm when I just crashed from being so exhausted. It was a great first day down under.

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